Friday, August 30, 2013

My brain is mush.

Let me just break down today in the easiest way possible

It wasn't so hot that I had perpetual swamp ass. 
I actually found my car in less than 15 minutes after class
No one has stolen my 'i believe in unicorns' magnet off said car.
I finally got a school-refund so I can pay back my boyfriend.....$700
I'm going to my first baseball game tonight

Humidity was 80%. as per this whole week. Oh hey ponytails forever.... 
My biology prof. is 76. 76. 76. That's serious. He's told the same 'interesting story' at the beginning of class 3 classes straight. It's a saga. A never ending saga about the intricacies of protein structure. 
Douchebags apparently want to sit behind me. Always. I'm going to get thrown out by proximity. 
Chemistry. Chemistry in general. I'm going to fail. 
Like, seriously. it will be a goddamned miracle if I pass this class. I'm not math minded. It's like someone forgot to install that section of my brain. I signed up for a study group this week. I'm actually attempting the homework (even though none of it will graded. thank God). But I'm trying. 
I just don't think i'm capable of this shit. 

Lab this last week pretty much proved that. haha. I walked in with the requested materials for the day (notebook +pen) and was then told to do titrations. Excuse me? What the FUCK are those? I haven't taken chem in 2 years.  Lady, I can't do this without some one on one assistance. Sorry. 
Just, no. 

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