Thursday, September 5, 2013

In a nutshell

I official, I bit off way more for my first semester back. I'm dropping my latin class. It's just intense. I bombed my first quiz yesterday....which is fine. lol. Whatever. I'll just take it during a semester I can make it a priority in. and seriously, so many good gifs here Signs you're an english major. Prepare to laugh. 

Other news, this week has been pretty laid back. We had a ridiculous 3 day bbq back home with the boyfriends parents. Like 50 people showed up, and food. OMG so much food. And beer. Consequently our fridge still has tons of the latter in it. Loving it. lol. 

Also, took the day off to cuddle the cats and the boyfriend. Best choice everrrrr

Friday, August 30, 2013

My brain is mush.

Let me just break down today in the easiest way possible

It wasn't so hot that I had perpetual swamp ass. 
I actually found my car in less than 15 minutes after class
No one has stolen my 'i believe in unicorns' magnet off said car.
I finally got a school-refund so I can pay back my boyfriend.....$700
I'm going to my first baseball game tonight

Humidity was 80%. as per this whole week. Oh hey ponytails forever.... 
My biology prof. is 76. 76. 76. That's serious. He's told the same 'interesting story' at the beginning of class 3 classes straight. It's a saga. A never ending saga about the intricacies of protein structure. 
Douchebags apparently want to sit behind me. Always. I'm going to get thrown out by proximity. 
Chemistry. Chemistry in general. I'm going to fail. 
Like, seriously. it will be a goddamned miracle if I pass this class. I'm not math minded. It's like someone forgot to install that section of my brain. I signed up for a study group this week. I'm actually attempting the homework (even though none of it will graded. thank God). But I'm trying. 
I just don't think i'm capable of this shit. 

Lab this last week pretty much proved that. haha. I walked in with the requested materials for the day (notebook +pen) and was then told to do titrations. Excuse me? What the FUCK are those? I haven't taken chem in 2 years.  Lady, I can't do this without some one on one assistance. Sorry. 
Just, no. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Winding down

This last week was the busiest ever. I headed back to my Mom's last thursday.  First thing on the agenda was going to the county fair, as per tradition. We also had some old-timey photos done where we all look like saloon girls. Totally gonna have to get a copy of that. This place also had the besttttt bacon-caramel incecream ever. So. Freaking. Good. 

We went to Atlantic City the next day (sorry, no pictures from that). Though my mom did take a plethora of unflattering ones of me. haha. That was followed by sleeping in, and then heading to Cracker's apartment with my sister Bones. We initially went for dinner, and then ended up staying til 6am lol. I don't think i've ever half-watched so many informercials in one sitting. It's a good thing we left when we did, I was about one step away from ordering mineral powder that would transform my face forevvvver. 

I also got cornrows that day. Snoop Dog/Lion ain't got nothin on me. 

The next day was a rinse and repeat but I hung out with Chris instead. I had a day off, and then spent 10 hours at the hospital with my mom and sister while she had her sinus's rerouted. Tons of fun. Unfortunately there was only one power strip in the whole lobby. Really? We totally found it. haha. Luckily Bones is a contortionist. 

Bones and I ran back the next day to bust her out after breakfast, and then spent the rest of the day listening to her sleep talk. But before she went in she posed for this winner. hahahaha
She totally wanted us to send it to everyone that kept bugging us about her operation. "Tell them i'm dead damnit!"

In other news I start classes tomorrow, and i'm equal parts freaking out and just happy I have something productive to do. 

And for kicks here's me in a fishing hat. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Do you ever have nightmares that make you feel like you're 5? I used to have what my doctor called "night terrors" as a kid... And they pretty much went away as I got older. But every once in a great while i'll have a doozy of a nightmare. They're vivid, and I always wake up sweating and scared shitless.

While they scare the bejesus out of me, I like to keep track of them though. Mostly because my subconscious is one artsy son a bitch. If my brain would let me remember everything, it would make an awesome horror comic. Which I would totally make Neil Gaiman ghost-write and illustrate. Totally.

But here it is:
On a dark and stormy night my brother and I are driving toward my house on the highway when I miss our exit... He's bitching in the passenger seat about how I suck at driving, and I should make a u-turn and yadda yadda yadda. Me of course ignoring him drives on to the next exit, and realizes that we're almost out of gas so I pull into the nearest one. A great big Mobil station with a few creepy people standing around.
They look a lot like this^
but kinda like Marilyn Manson
 with greasy trucker hats
 and flannel shirts
I go inside to pay, and come back out to find my brother being chatted up by them. I grab him by the arm and head for the car as it really starts raining hard. Cue gas station lights all cutting out. It's pitch black now.  Slamming my gas cap shut, getting in, and throwing the GPS at my brother while saying "get us the fuck out of here". As he's fumbling with it I pull out of the parking lot headed back toward the highway.

 My car's driving weird though, it's turning harder than it should, and we're going faster than I want. But I think i've got a handle on it. The headlights are too dim though, they keep flickering. And I start to get that feeling you do when you're playing a video game with your friend, think you're doing well, and realize you've been looking at the wrong side of the screen. Instant realization that i'm not really controlling my car. We're swerving and going too fast, and my brother's finally caught on that something isn't right. He keeps yelling at me to slow down, that we're going to crash. We're close to our exit though so I keep concentrating. A dark shadow, it looks like my brother stuck his head over to my side in front of the steering wheel comes between me and the spedometer and I start to yell at my brother to move his damn head. I give it a shove out of the way, and it doesn't budge. I look over at my little brother and start to scream. He's still right there, buckled into his seat with a look of pure terror on his face. The head in front of my doesn't move, and I shove at it harder. it's definitely human and alive. I realize I can't feel my legs, or the gas pedal. everything goes silent. I start screaming and trying to open my door to shove the demon out, with no luck as my car keeps accelerating.

The last thing I remember is just this intense panic and the realization that we were both going to die.
After I woke up it just kept settling deeper and deeper, and I started playing 'what if'. What if I had thrown it out? What if there was another one waiting in the trunk? What if it chased me after the car crashed?

Like I said, I don't have these too often. But when I do it's always me and my little brother. He's always about 12, and i'm always trying to save his ass.

Anyway, wanted to get it off my brain before it dissolved.


Commencing attempt #67890 at blog writing. This time is for realsies though. Just a place to document all the ridiculousness that follows me like a rain cloud. And you know, post cat pictures and the rare good hair day.  Or maybe pictures of my mother eavesdropping on the neighbors like it's 1950. Or my boyfriend with a pasta pot on his head. You never know.

But this is me, I'm AJ

and I promise to at least try and update once a week. Even when my life looks like this

Actually, most definitely when my life looks like that. 

I'll even tell you what i'm listening to